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ADU laws and guidelines are always changing. We'll send you the latest updates from the city and county.

Get your ADU built without the effort

Not just another contractor. Accessory Spaces is a Los Angeles accessory dwelling unit & garage conversion specialist that helps you from start to finish.

Why build an ADU?

Named different things - garage apartment, granny flat, in law unit or ADU. Building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is an excellent investment - by adding living space you increase your home's equity and can create rental income.

Why Accessory Spaces?

We are an ADU-specific project management company based out of Pasadena.  We walk you through every step of the ADU process and take care of the entire project on your behalf.  All you have to do is get approved for financing,  pick your design & and we take care of the rest!


Work with your preferred lender or with one of ours to get you qualified for the loan to build your ADU.


Hire team of professional designers, architects and engineers to prepare the construction plans.


There for every step of the permitting process and will push the permits along.


Hire general contractor and manage times schedules, material shipment, and quality.


In-house experience - from unit maintenance to tenant management.

Types of ADUs


A detached unit is completely separate from the primary home such as a detached garage or  "pool house." Great privacy advantages. 


An attached unit is attached to the primary home. These can be additions to the current residence or a attached garage. Walls can be added for complete privacy.


Existing spaces such as garages can be converted into separate units.

Interior Conversion

Junior ADU or In-Law units can be converted from existing spaces inside the primary home with partitions.

From Our Homeowners

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