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ADU laws and guidelines are always changing. We'll send you the latest updates from the city and county.

Why build an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

Top reasons why our clients are building ADUs:

  • Rental Income - most ADUs can be rented out to tenants for $1,200 + giving you extra income for you and your family.

  • An expanding family - have a child coming back from college or need extra living space for your family?  An ADU is great way to solve this instead of buying a new home

  • Elderly family member - Have an elderly family member who needs care-taking assistance or needs to live nearby?  An ADU, commonly known as a "granny flat" is an excellent choice for your family member or the caretaker (who you could rent to). 

  • A more stabilized retirement - Retired or looking to retire soon?  Add an ADU to your property to give extra monthly income by renting either the ADU or main home.

  • To supplement Mortgage - Having a hard time affording your current mortgage?  Let an ADU solve that problem as it can be used to increase property value and for rental income.  Also, some lenders are now allowing the future value of the ADU to be used as a basis for loan approval.